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Sewer Lateral Assistance Program

A sewer lateral refers to the segment of the sewer pipeline linking your residence to the public sewer main. In our District, numerous homes surpass 50 years in age, and the respective property owners are accountable for addressing any issues with their laterals. Many of these older homes have not undergone repairs or replacements for their laterals. The consequence of neglected maintenance is the potential for rainwater infiltration, facilitated by cracks, breaks, open joints, or other defects in the laterals. This infiltration problem can strain the sewer system, leading to sewage spills when the capacity is exceeded.

To assist property owners, the District has established the Sewer Lateral Assistance Program. This initiative aims to alleviate the financial burden associated with lateral repairs or replacements if deemed necessary. Under this program, homeowners can access funds at a low interest rate to support the costs of essential lateral maintenance. Customers within the District can apply for a loan of up to $10,000 from the program, allowing them a 10-year period to repay the borrowed amount at a 2-percent interest rate.


 Here are the Program Guidelines and Application:

Sewer Lateral Assistance Guidelines and Application


 District Ordinance Code:

Title 2, Chapter 8 of the District Ordinance Code provides more details of the program.



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