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Outreach to Protect Water Ways

Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District (LGVSD) offers a variety of programs focusing on the prevention of pollution in our community.

Community Outreach Programs focus efforts Marin County-wide. Protecting California’s waterways is a job that everyone can help with. LGVSD has opportunities for your participation.

To report spills, dumping and backups in our service area (Civic Center to Marinwood), call (415) 472-1734. Different agencies handle stormwater and spill response issues and now there is one number to call to report Spills and Water Pollution: 1-800-SAV-R-BAY • (1-800-728-7229)

If you have questions regarding proper disposal of hazardous waste in Marin County, call the Hazardous Waste Hotline at 415-485-6806. Use the 1-800-SAV-R-BAY (Marin County residents only) number to inquire about environmental concerns you may have.

May contain: sewer
inflow and infiltration (INI)

Click for important information on privately owned sewer laterals and how you can help avoid inflow and infiltration (INI) to the sanitary sewer system.

To request a tour of the wastewater treatment plant, please send requests to: Teri Lerch

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