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Outreach to Protect Water Ways

Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District (LGVSD) offers a variety of programs focusing on the prevention of pollution in our community.

Community Outreach Programs focus efforts Marin County-wide. Protecting California’s waterways is a job that everyone can help with. LGVSD has opportunities for your participation.

To report spills, dumping and backups in our service area (Civic Center to Marinwood), call (415) 472-1734. Different agencies handle stormwater and spill response issues and now there is one number to call to report Spills and Water Pollution: 1-800-SAV-R-BAY • (1-800-728-7229)

If you have questions regarding proper disposal of hazardous waste in Marin County, call the Hazardous Waste Hotline at 415-485-6806. Use the 1-800-SAV-R-BAY (Marin County residents only) number to inquire about environmental concerns you may have.

May contain: sewer
inflow and infiltration (INI)

Click for important information  how you can help avoid inflow and infiltration (INI) to the sanitary sewer system.

To request a tour of the wastewater treatment plant, please send requests to: Teri Lerch

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