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Green Energy Power

Solar Power Project

We are very proud of our Solar Power Generation. 

Generating electricity with solar power avoids the need to run standard power plants using fossil fuels, increasing energy independence and avoiding pollution.

The current 588 kW solar photovoltaic system is slated for demolition in the coming year due to its components reaching the end of their useful life. In its place, a more advanced and reliable ~1 MW solar photovoltaic system will be installed on the same property. The primary goal is to supply solar energy to the wastewater treatment plant in addition to PG&E utility power, following a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with a third-party contractor. This decision stems from a comprehensive financial analysis, identifying the PPA as the most cost-effective option. Although the new system will be owned and maintained by the PPA Contractor, the District will retain ownership of all environmental attributes, including renewable energy credits and carbon credits.




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