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Emergency Information

Main Telephone: (415) 472-1734   (available 24 hours per day)

All telephone calls to our main number will be forwarded to our answering service during the hours of 3:30 PM through 6:00 AM Monday through Friday and all day on Saturday, Sundays and holidays. If unable to connect to our answering service to report the emergency, please utilize the phone numbers below to connect to our plant.

For any Pump Station or Plant related call, including alarms or police calls after 3:00 PM and before 6:30 AM on weekdays , please call the Plant Operations Standby Weekday number 415-450-1139.  For  Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, please call the Plant Operations Standby Weekend number 415-302-0465. 


Sewer Backups, Spills and Collection System Related Emergencies

Weekdays after 3:30 PM and before 6:00 AM and anytime on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays , call the COLLECTION STANDBY CELL  NUMBER: (415) 450-7262.  If there is no response, please call the Collections System Manager - 707-533-3520.

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