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  • AWWA American Water Works Association – the authoritative Resource on Safe Water
  • BACWA Bay Area Clean Water Agencies: Through leadership, service and advocacy for its members, BACWA provides an effective regional voice for the clean water industry’s role in stewardship of the San Francisco Bay environment.
  • CASA California Association of Sanitation Agencies – Ensuring Clean Water in California
  • CWEA The California Water Environment Association is dedicated to protecting our water environment through education and training.
  • NBWA The North Bay Watershed Association promotes stewardship of the North San Pablo Bay watershed resources.
  • NBWRA North Bay Water Water Reuse Authority promotes sustainability and environmental enhancement of the North San Pablo Bay region by expanding use of recycled water.
  • Water ReUse
    Representing organizations and individuals working together to improve and increase local water supplies.
  • WEF Water Environment Federation – the water quality people providing technical education and training for water quality professionals.
  • WestCas The Western Coalition of Arid States
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