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Low Income Assistance Program Can Help Customers in Need

10% Rate Discount for Eligible Low-Income Customers

On April 21, 2022, the Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District Board of Directors established a new Low-Income Sewer Rate Assistance Program to help low-income customers by providing a 10% reduction for qualifying residential ratepayers beginning with the fiscal year July 1, 2022 thru June 30, 2023. On May 4, 2023, the Board of Directors authorized continuing the program through June 30, 2024.

Program Summary: Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District’s Low-Income Sewer Rate Assistance Program (LISRAP or Program) is available to eligible, low-income single-family residential ratepayer households. The program provides a ten per cent (10%) rate discount to eligible households.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Income eligibility is demonstrated by being enrolled in the PG&E CARE Program (California Alternate Rates for Energy Program).
  • The ratepayer household must also include a customer of the District who pays the District charges as shown on their property tax bill. Manufactured homeowners may provide their In-Lieu fee from California Housing and Community Development or local property tax statement along with a copy of their billing statement from the mobile home park.

The following are not eligible for the Program: Single family residences with accessory dwelling units, ratepayers with a PG&E master meter, and entities who are not a ratepayer of the District. Non-household family members, neighbors, friends, homeowners’ associations, landlords, are also not eligible, although they may apply on behalf of other eligible customers.

The Discounted Rate: The 2023-2024  discounted Sewer Service Charge rate is below:

Rate CategorySewer Service Charge LISRAP Charge w/ 10% Discount
Single-Family Residential$1,233$1,109

Application Process: If you meet the eligibility requirements above, fill out the single page Application Form and return it to the District office with copies of:

  • Current PG&E bill which shows enrollment in the PG&E CARE Program,
  • Most recent County property tax bill,  or documents showing manufactured home ownership and
  • Proof of payment of County property tax bill (copy of the County payment receipt, cancelled check, etc.), if applicable.

Submit the application and supporting documents via email to, with “LISRAP” in the subject line, by mail to the District office, or deliver in-person during normal business hours Monday thru Thursday 6:00 AM to 3:30 PM.

Application Approval Process.  The application must be approved by the District. If approved before July 7, 2023, the District will transmit the discounted rate information to the County for payment on your 2023-24 County property tax bill, and your information will be kept on file for the next year. If the discount is not reflected on your 2023-24 property tax bill, or you are approved for LISRAP after you have paid your 2023-24 property tax bill (in part or full), please provide proof of payment of your property tax bill (County payment receipt, cancelled check, etc.) and you will receive a District check for any eligible discount amount(s). Rebates will be issued in May to residential  manufactured home owners who meet the requirements.

Once enrolled, the discount will be applied automatically to the sewer service charge billed to the ratepayer of record on their County Tax Bill.

  • Program eligibility (CARE enrollment) will be reconfirmed every other fiscal year, which begins July 1st.
  • The ratepayer is required to notify the District if they no longer qualify for the PG&E CARE program, or if they move to another single-family residence served by the District.
Low-Income Sewer Rate Application Form 2023 (pdf)Low-Income Sewer Rate Program Information Sheet pdf)
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