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Rate Increases

The District’s rates currently are inline with nearby sanitary agencies in the region. Rates are designed to cover the actual cost of service.

Residential rates are a basic flat fee for each dwelling unit. Non-residential rates are based on water usage and a strength classification to calculate individual costs to treat wastewater.

EffectiveAdoptedMonthly increase
July 1, 2023$1,233$9.25
July 1, 2024$1,356$10.25
July 1, 2025$1,492$11.33
July 1, 2026$1,641$12.42

Residential Rates

Non-Residential (per SSU per year)July 1, 2023July 1, 2024July 1, 2025July 1, 2026
Domestic Strength$1,233$1,356$1,492$1,641
Elevated Strength$2,243$2,467$2,714$2,985
High Strength$3,331$3,664$4,030$4,433

Each residential unit is charged the basic flat rate. This applies to single-family homes, apartments, condominiums and other multi-family dwellings, manufactured homes and mobile homes.

Non-Residential Rates

For information on the specific rates for individual non-residential customers, contact Dale McDonald at the District office at 415-526-1519.

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