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Public Hearing

Public Hearing on Upgrades and Proposed Sewer Service Charges

A public hearing on proposed rate changes was  held on June 30, 2023 4:30 PM at the San Rafael City Schools Board Room – 310 Nova Albion Way, San Rafael. 2nd floor

See the Notice to Property Owners on Sewer Service Charges for a details.See Adoption of Ordinance 192

The public hearing marks the completion of the rate change process that has included four months of technical and financial studies, numerous public board meetings, and the public is invited to attend the hearing and learn more about the plans to upgrade facilities, to ask questions and to provide input on the improvement plans and proposed rate changes. The District’s Board of Directors will be considering the proposed Sewer Service Charge Increase which is essential to cover proposed upgrade costs and are scheduled to vote on the proposal at the hearing.

Background Information, Rate Change Held to Minimum:

The District’s operation, maintenance and repair programs for its system have been very effective. The District is funding only the projects needed to protect the environment, continue to provide quality and reliable services, and meet ever-increasing state and federal regulations. To pay for the upgrades,  sewer service charge increases are required.

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