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June 22, 2020: Construction Update – June 22, 2020

Smith Ranch Road Reopened for Weekday Use

Starting Monday, June 22, 2020 Smith Ranch Road will be open on weekdays, after having been closed Monday-Friday for the past several weeks due to construction activity. This means that weekday access to the reclamation area parking lot will resume.

Please note: to promote social distancing and maintain safe separation from construction activities, on weekdays an attendant at the gate near the main entrance to the District will be limiting the number of vehicles to the maximum number of spaces in the parking lot. When the parking lot is full, no additional vehicles will be allowed to enter, until a vehicle exits.

The attendant will be enforcing this limitation Monday through Friday until 4 pm. This parking lot control will be in place until further notice – we apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause our visitors. This does not affect the northerly ‘Hamilton’ access to the reclamation area.

Also note that the ongoing construction (the District’s Secondary Treatment Plant Upgrade and Recycled Water Expansion Project) may require temporary closure of the entrance gate on short notice, for the safety of the public.

It is also anticipated that there will be additional multiple weekday construction closures of Smith Ranch Road in the coming months, which will affect access to the reclamation area. We expect that in July, PG&E will begin work to underground electrical systems and remove some overhead powerlines, which will require periodic weekday closures of Smith Ranch Road.

When visiting the reclamation area, please utilize all social distancing practices, for your safety and that of other visitors, and be aware of construction vehicles on Smith Ranch Road.

Please check the District website at for updates.

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