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August 30, 2019: Construction Update – August 30, 2019

Construction on the three-year, $62 million Secondary Treatment Plant Upgrade and Recycled Water Expansion Project continues! An upcoming construction milestone is a significant concrete pour, which will support the installation of the new Anoxic Basin, Aeration Basin, and Electrical Building.

An estimated total of 410 cubic yards of concrete will be brought onto the District’s job site during September. This means that concrete trucks are expected to be making at least 80 trips in and out via Smith Ranch Road throughout that month. In addition, a large quantity of reinforcement steel deliveries will be taking place over the coming weeks, along with many other construction activities.

All this will result in a continuing, high amount of heavy construction and equipment traffic on Smith Ranch Road. A high level of caution is advised for anyone visiting the District.

The reclamation ponds parking area is open – if you are planning on visiting the reclamation ponds and trails, or the District offices:

  • BE CAUTIOUS – you are very near a major construction zone and heavy construction traffic; drive slowly and watch in all directions for equipment, trucks, and work crews on Smith Ranch Road
  • BE AWARE of lane changes and temporary closures of Smith Ranch Road
  • OBSERVE ALL SAFETY & TRAFFIC SIGNAGE and follow directions from construction flaggers and workers
  • DO NOT PARK ON SMITH RANCH ROAD – the only parking for the reclamation ponds is at the trailhead parking lot – there is no overflow parking available

By the way, a cubic yard of concrete is 27 cubic feet – imagine a large kitchen refrigerator to get an idea of the area that a cubic yard takes up. Now multiply that size by 410 and you can see that this is a remarkable quantity of concrete!

Thank you for your continued patience during this construction. We apologize for any inconvenience – these cautionary guidelines are necessary to help ensure the safety of all visitors and construction crews.

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