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70 Years Proud

Did you know that the Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District is actually part of the baby boomer generation? The District was “born” nearly 70 years ago in 1954, as a wastewater treatment plant built to address health problems associated with failing septic tanks in the Santa Venetia area.

 So much has changed since then! Today, the District has extended its service area and improved and expanded its facilities, and continues to provide first-rate wastewater treatment services for its 30,000-plus customers. But since 1954 it has also evolved and changed with the times in other ways, now delivering a wider range of services to protect public health and the environment, engaging with the community, and ensuring compliance with stringent, ever- changing regulations. 

Far beyond its start as a single-purpose wastewater treatment facility, the District is now recognized as a significant, multi-purpose regional environmental steward, with a commitment to sustainability and efficiency.

Read about our Recycled Water Facility, Green Energy Power and Reclamation Area to learn more about how the District has evolved from a single-purpose wastewater treatment facility in 1955, to today’s multi-purpose, forward-thinking organization, clearly focused on its mission:

            Protecting Public Health and our Environment by Providing
      Effective Wastewater Collection, Treatment, and Resource Recovery


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