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Sewer Lateral Assistance Program

A sewer lateral is the portion of the sewer pipe that connects your home to the public sewer main pipeline. Many homes in our District are more than 50 years old and have never had their laterals repaired or replaced, which is the responsibility of the property owner. Leaking laterals allow rainwater to enter through cracks, breaks, open joints, or other defects which may exist in the laterals – this problem is called “infiltration,” and it can overload the sewer system and contribute to sewage spills when capacity is exceeded.

The District developed the Sewer Lateral Assistance Program, to aid homeowners with the costs associated with repairing/replacing their lateral, if needed. This program provides customers with funds at a low interest rate to help pay for needed lateral repairs. District customers can apply to borrow up to $10,000 from the fund to finance lateral replacement with 10 years to pay back the money at a 2-percent interest rate.  Title 2, Chapter 8 of the District Ordinance Code provides more details of the program.

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Information on the Sewer Lateral Ordinance