Prop 218 Rate Increase

218 Rate Increase: Rate Change Held to Minimum

The District’s Board of Directors recently considered the proposed Sewer Service Charge Increase which is essential to cover proposed upgrade costs.

The District’s operation, maintenance and repair programs for its system have been very effective. The sewer pipeline collection system was recently awarded best in our three-county area, however the system is aging and needs critical upgrades. The District is funding only the projects needed to protect the environment, continue to provide quality and reliable services, and meet ever-increasing state and federal regulations. To pay for the upgrades, a sewer service charge increase has been approved, and it is being held to the minimum level.

The rate change process included more than a year of technical and financial studies, numerous public board meetings, several newsletters sent to all customers over the past year or more, public tours, press coverage, posting of information on the District website, a public meeting and phone and e-mail response to public questions. In addition, the  rate schedule is reviewed annually for a final rate determination for each year, including a public notice and public hearing.

For detailed information about the 218 process and plan, please click here.

A Notice providing important information about our rates and June 17, 2021 Public Hearing was mailed on April 30, 2021 to residents and property owners.

Notice to Property Owners/Notice of Public Hearing on Sewer Service Charge Increase

HDR Sewer Rate Study 2021

HDR Sewer Rate Study 2013

The proposed increase will help fund the continuation of the Secondary Plant Upgrade and Recycled Water Expansion Project.