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Help Us Help You

We provide proactive cleaning to maintain sewer lines; high-tech proactive maintenance; intensive laboratory tests to assure quality; advanced treatment; state-certified workers and more.

Even the most up-to-date, well-maintained sewer system and treatment plant cannot meet tough upcoming regulations without assistance from customers. The following are key areas where you can help:

  1. Maintain Your Sewer Lateral
    • What’s the problem?
      Many laterals are aging, cracking and leaking. This leads to large inflows of water during storms — threatening to overload the treatment plant and sometimes leading to sewage spills.
    • What you can do:
      Laterals usually run from the District’s main sewer pipe in the middle of the street to a home or business. The sewer lateral is the property of the landowner, and sewer lateral maintenance is the responsibility of the landowner.

      • Have a qualified plumber inspect and repair your sewer lateral.
      • Install a cleanout and backflow prevention device to stop overflows into your home
      • Have the lateral inspected when purchasing a new home or building.
  2. Keep Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) Out of Your Drains
    • What’s the problem?
      Grease builds up in the pipelines. This can cause clogging and spills in your laterals and in District sewer pipelines.
    • What you can do:
      Pour cooled grease into disposable containers and dispose of it in the garbage. Dry-wipe pots, pans and dishes before washing.We have grease scrapers available from the district — Email Greg at to get yours!
  3. Dispose of Household Hazardous Waste Properly
    • What’s the problem?
      Household hazardous waste — such as pesticides, solvents, oils and paints — cannot be removed by the treament process.
    • What you can do:
      Dispose of it at the Marin Household Waste Facility (565 Jacoby Street, San Rafael)

      • Residential Customers: Call 415-485-6806
      • Commerical Customers: Call 415-458-5549
      • Get the handy OWOW Pocket Guide brimming with tips regarding products friendlier to people and pets!
  4. Don’t Connect Drains or Gutters to Your Sewer Lateral
    • What’s the problem?
      Drain water can overload sewer pipelines and treatment plants, increasing the risk of backups and spills, and increasing costs.
    • What you can do:
      Never break or open your sewer lateral or a sewer line. Keep them well maintained. Divert drain water to the street, not the sewer lateral.
  5. Call Us Before Draining Your Swimming Pool
    • What’s the problem?
      Swimming pool chemicals require additional treatment, and can impact the treatment process as well as increase the costs.
    • What you can do:
      Call us before draining your pool. We can provide simple guidance, and charge a nominal fee to process the water.