Recycled Water Facility

Recylced Water Plant Construction

Recylced Water Plant Construction

The Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District (LGVSD)  completed their new recycled water facility to provide North Marin Water District (NMWD) water for landscape irrigation uses. The two agencies celebrated their new partnership with a dedication ceremony for the recently completed Recycled Water Treatment Facility on September 25, 2012.

The  readily expandable facility will treat a portion of the community’s wastewater to a level that meets or exceeds California’s strict Title 22 recycled water standards. The highly-treated water will be delivered to NMWD where it will be used for landscape irrigation and other approved applications in the Hamilton area of Novato.

As has been done since the early 1980’s, the LGVSD treatment plant will continue to send some of its treated wastewater to Marin Municipal Water District MMWD, where it is further treated to recycled water standards and used for irrigation, car washes, cooling towers, commercial laundries and toilet flushing.

Using recycled water from the new facility is an important part of NMWD’s long-term solution to water supply issues and an example of excellent cooperation between neighboring public agencies

As an active member of the North Bay Water Reuse Authority, Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District is participating in a project that is designed to expand the beneficial use of recycled water. The advanced Recycled Water Treatment Facility will provide high quality water for landscapes at schools, parks, and other large irrigated areas. The approximately $6 million project is partially funded by over $1.6 million in federal and state grants obtained through the District’s participation in the North Bay Water Reuse Authority. Recycled Water Benefits the Community;

  • Converts wastewater into a valuable resource.
  • Increases independence from limited outside water resources.
  • Costs less than many potable water supplies.
  • Uses less energy and has a smaller carbon footprint than many potable water supplies.
  • Provides a reliable and drought-proof water supply.



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