Current Construction Projects

Please contact Mike Cortez, District Engineer, about LGVSD upcoming or ongoing construction projects. Projects that are currently out for bid and current construction projects are listed below.

LGVSD accepts cash and checks for purchase of bid documents. Please see the project’s Notice Inviting Sealed Bids below for specifics. Applicable Addenda is distributed to Plan Holders with purchased plan sets and to Builders Exchanges where Plans have been distributed. Bid Documents can also be viewed obtained at the District Office between 6:30 AM and 3:00 PM.

Call for Bids

Primary Biofilter Feed Pump #1 Replacement

PROJECT 2367-600

Requests for Proposals

None at this time.


Secondary Treatment and Recycled Water Plant Upgrade

PROJECTS 12600-07 and 16650-02

Current Design Projects

LGVSD Administration Building

Architectural Design Services

PROJECT  12100-01

Secondary Treatment Upgrades

PROJECT  12600-02

Reclamation Parking Lot and Miscellaneous Site Improvements

PROJECT  11500-09

Current Construction Projects

Descanso Pump Station Generator Installation & Reliability Upgrades

Primary Digester Improvements 2016

DBF Valve 7 & 8 and Effluent Box Weir Replacement

Primary Digester Sandblasting and Painting

PROJECT  16600-03

Prefabricated 316SS Primary Digester Dome

PROJECT  16600-03

Lower Miller Creek Channel Maintenance

PROJECT  11500-09

Sewer Main Rehabilitation 2016

PROJECT  16200-01

Biogas Energy Recovery System

PROJECT  14600-04

Equipment Procurement

Equipment for LGVSD Secondary Treatment and Recycled Water Plant Upgrade

PROJECT  12600-07

Wastewater Treatment Plant Microturbines and Digester Gas Conditioning Skid Equipment

PROJECT 14600-04